Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My inner Duel Speck Demon....

So over at Eternity Matters, I am encouraging all our tanks to save up some cash and duel speck. This is because we right now have more tanks than what we can support in a raid, but it works great for running 5 mans.

Well, Honor's Code just got done doing three great blogs on getting gear for your dps /tanks specks.
Intro -
Tank Gear -
DPS Gear -

So now I am faced with a problem.

As I have mentioned before, I am the worst Ret Pally player. So my intention was always to have a Duel Speck of Tank and Healing. My Healing gear is pretty good, mix of ilevel 200 blues and epixs and maybe 1 or 2 item level 213. So I am all set in that department for current content EM is doing.

Ret on the otherhand, I have 4 pieces of gear that support Ret at the appropiate level.

So what is my inner demon? What is the problem? Well, we are doing quite well with 2 to 3 healers on 10 man and 4 to 5 healers in Nax 25. We are getting those spots filled by healers that are main specked right now.

So I am now pursuing getting a ful Raid viable Ret set up and going. If I get it all around by the time Duel Speck is officially released, then my off speck for now is going to be Ret. I will pull out the healer in me occasionally. I guess I should get my shammie leveled up, huh?

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