Thursday, March 12, 2009

969, Haste, and how it helps every class with instant cast

Most damaging abilities and some healing abilities activates the global cool down preventing you from doing another ability until the time is up.

Well, if you are a Paladin tank, you have learned about the 9 6 9 rotation.

Now your global cooldown is 1.5 seconds. So every 1.5 seconds you can cast a spell.

Works out like this -
1.5 - Spell 1
3 - Spell 2
4.5 - Spell 3
6 - Spell 4
7.5 - Spell 5
9 - Spell 6

So with spells that have a 6 second and 9 second cooldown, or even 8 second, you can fit them into a nice spell rotation for maximum advantage. This is providing that they are all instant cast.

Cast 6 Second Spell
1.5 Seconds
Cast 9 second spell
1.5 Seconds (3 total)
Cast 6 Second Spell 2
1.5 Seconds (4.5 total)
Cast 9 second spell 2
1.5 Seconds (6 total)
Cast 6 Second Spell (back to spell 1)
1.5 Seconds (7.5 total)
Cast 9 Second Spell 3
1.5 Seconds (9 seconds)
Cast 6 Second Spell 2 (back to spell 2)


See the pattern?

A simple 2 button macro can be setup to accomplish this.

Now when I am tanking, I sometimes mix it up by dropping a Consecrate (8 second cooldown) first, followed by Holy Shield (8 second cooldown that lasts 10 seconds), into my pattern.

Now what I am hoping is I can come up with something very similiar for Ret.
But I need to speck Ret first and figure it all out.

That is this weekends project.

Once I do, expect a macro and layout of the spell rotation.

For Prot, the rotation is Holy Shield, Hammer of the Righteos, Judge, Shield of Righteous, Consecrate.

For Holy, you can do the similiar, mixing in Holy Shock as the 6 second cooldown. But the down side, is that you only have a few 9 second cooldown things and you still need to be specked right in ret.

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