Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Professor Plumb in the Library with the Candlestick....

Half the time I wonder if anyone has a Clue to what is going on.

Many people are just after their Professor Plumbs so they can pew pew more with their Candlesticks in the library....

Ack, stop with the analogies Therigwin and get to the point.

Ok in plain wow english. Are people so focused on getting Epix Gear (purple color, thus Professor Plumb) so they can be better dps (pew pew) using their spells (Candlestick).

Ya I know, it was a stretch, but recently we have been trying to change our focus in Eternity Matters Raiding from that of get the gear to spend time with friends. We have some very talented players and Honor's code calls it, we are essentially a 10 man end game raid content guild. The biggest problem we were facing is that people got mad and felt like we did not like them when they were excluded from the 10 mans. So we started doing the 25 mans. It allowed us to get more people in, but we have yet to clear Nax 25, so we are not at the end game content in that case.

Well, we did our second attempt on 10 eye of eternity with a hand selected 10 for over all group balance. We made it to phase 3, so we are getting better. The problem was not everyone could go and we had to make choices as who got invited. Those choices led to having to pick classes over player to balance it out and one of my favorite friends in game had to sit out. Well, last night we go to do our 25 man and I ask if he and his wife plan on coming. I get the response that he wasn't good enough cause he didn't get picked to go to eye and another player did. Then he logs off before I could respond.

At first I was really really mad. That hurt my feeling. I never said he wasn't good enough. I calmed down and we as a leadership looked at what we are doing as guild and tried to figure out if we are doing something wrong. We talked about what are we about, are people having fun, why are people leaving the guild. We discussed our reputation as a gear up quickly guild and teach people to play so then they can go hardcore raiding guild. We talked about the fellowship aspect.

So in my mind today, it came down again that when we try to do the 10 man progression, it becomes all about the gear and dps and the numbers, and not about spending time with friends. 10 man raids are harder than 25 man, because it requires everyone to be top of their game and group balance. While Blizz preaches bring your friends and not the class, 10 man eye of eternity requires specific class balance to work. That being the case, we had to pick multiple classes and we excluded bring more of class if we did not gain additional buffs. Ack, it is so frustrating organizing 10 man runs at the end content.

I hate 10 man runs. I love 25 man because I can include more people.

So I am very hesitant to ever schedule the 10 man run again. I don't want to hurt peoples feelings again cause I really care about them as people and not their silly avatar in the game.

Will we still do the 10 man eye of eternity? Yes, until we have the 25 man available.
There is gear in there that I want people to have access to.

Anyway, I have blogged enough for today.

Those that read, I ask that you say a prayer for Eternity Matters that we can work through these things and that people have a true understanding of what is going on.

EGC - Easy Guild Check. It shows changes in the guild roster. I think I mentioned it before, but I wanted to mention it again.

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