Monday, February 23, 2009

Fun Videos

A new trend is happening in the wow video market. People are using the wow 3d model viewer to export the models to other 3d animation tools.

This has allowed for 2 excellent videos to come out in the past 2 months.

The first is a the best Rogue Video out.... Craft of War Blind.

The Craft of War: BLIND from percula on Vimeo.

The next is a very Gnome EMO song that is very cute and should inspire all the gnome loving or hating grin.

Kim Lukas - Cloud 9 from Zim Tower on Vimeo.

Anyway, no mod spotlight for today since I need to head out to work and the van should be warm by now. I may still post a blog at lunch, but I doubt it as work is going to be killer.

1 comment:

  1. That Rogue was is really something.

    You will have to crique my UI today. :)