Thursday, February 26, 2009

PTR patch 3.1.... a mod look

Ok, taking a break this afternoon to write my blog since during lunch I was busy...

So, they released 3.1 to PTR and have patched it already.

First impression, it does not deliver. The promised new talent to replace Kings in the prot tree is missing.

So, I am not going to talk about the game play stuff, instead, we will focus on the UI and "new" built in mods.

The first is a revamp of the quest tracking system. They have an advanced tracking system that allows you to resize and place anywhere in your ui. In addition, it adds to the tooltips the number of critters you need to kill when hovering over a critter that is needed for a quest. Not bad for those not using questhelper or questfu or any of the other great quest mods out there.

Second is the new gear switching utility. I like to call it the, I wish I was as good as closetgnome, itemrack and outfitter mod.
So this is what they have done - you get a new icon on your character sheet. You click it and you get 10 spots you can save your setup to. It pops up a similiar box to the choose an icon and name for macro. You get to pick from all the icons but none that match the gear icons. You then can drag that icon to your action bar. I assume you can key bind as well, but did not look to closely at it.

The other big disappointment with this is it was complete outfits. You can't make partial outfits and just have it swap one or 2 pieces. I hope they change that.
The last disappointment is editing one or deleting it is kinda confusing, no clear cut bit with this. They did not take enough of their code from their macro interface.

Overall opinion - Will work for most people for the Duel Speck system, but us wardrobe hogs better stick with the other mods.

MOD SPOTLIGHT - Go get yourself Itemrack :-) Talked about it before, but I cannot say enough good things about this mod. Along with Trinket Menu. These mods will never die unless blizz buys the code and puts them in themselves.

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