Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Be very very quiet.....

....... we be hunting dragons.

Last Night EM did a guild first. We downed Sartharion with 1 drake up.

We had some help from awesome pugs that have been with us the past few weeks.

The sad thing was my Off Tank was having internet issues and DCed at the last 20%. We also had to DE a Mail Helm cause we had no hunters or shamans running with us.

Funny things from last night..... Our main healer leaned over her laptop and pulled the boss.... That will always stick in my mind as something funny.

Anyway, I guess today's blog is just tons of Random Thoughts......

On a positive side, EM is growing again, we just got a slew of new members, a couple of paladins, a druid, and a few others. We are looking pretty strong to start our Nax 25 push this coming next week. We took one of those new members in on a Caverns of Time Strat Run. My wife has been after Greed for the longest time and had not gotten it. So she has been looking for her good luck person. It has been claimed, that Daraia is Ziggy's lucky person to run with. Whenever Ziggy needs something, he pulls Daraia into that instance and he gets the drop. So last night, we pull in our new Paladin member, Qum. And Greed dropped for my wife. I guess Qum is destined to always be dragged along with Daraia whenever my wife needs a drop.

All said in done, yesterday was pretty good. Oh, and I got a new Cloak as well. Let the re-gemming begin!

Overachiever - You want to know how you are doing on your achievements? In an area and wonder if there is an achievement you can accomplish? This mod is for you. (Lunas, stay away from this mod.... I just beat you in achievement points... buhahahaha)


  1. Sorry, but I just have to download this..It looks awesome! hehe Maybe I will catch back up to you.

  2. Platinum Mesh Cloak (look at armory at top of page)