Saturday, February 14, 2009

Boy am I tired.....

What a night we had last night in Nax 25. We continued our push into this for the first time as a guild. Overall we did pretty good.

We 1 shot all the bosses except the horseman. They decided to give us some difficulty and we finally called it quits so we could try fresh the next day.

Many people got some good upgrades. Some nice tanking pants dropped, but I already had Dragon Brood Legguards
so I let our warrior tanks roll for it.

My wife ended up getting enough badges to get her rogue T7.5 pants.

Ya, overall it was a great night, that lasted way way too long.

I am quite proud of those that refrained from rolling on stuff to allow others a chance to get stuff.

However, the morning awaited with our 4 boys and 4 inches of snow to shovel. So this pally got his morning workout.

*** Mod Spotlight ***
This handy mod moves the achievement popup to a different spot in your UI (with mine, it was going over my buttons, making it hard to fight while getting achievements.)

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