Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Teamwork - makes it happen

So last night, we headed back in to face KT. Things did not go well the previous night, people were tired, they did not know where to stand, who to heal, not interupting spells, etc

So with a fresh plan I posted with placements, we went in and 1 shot KT.

It happened because everyone knew what they were supposed to do. Everyone worked as a team. It was a great feeling.

The T7 head piece dropped. I lost it to our healing lead. That is ok, I will have plenty of times to get the helm. Plus we are going to start looking at doing the 25 man, so there is always that opportunity.

The big point is, when your guild works together as a team, things happen.

**Mod Spotlight**
MinnaPlan - This mod makes planning out raid placement very easy. If everyone has it, you can broadcast the plan to the entire raid. Make coordinating things for new fights easier.
The link provided above has only BC maps. I hope soon they add the WoTLK maps that a fan updated with here.

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