Thursday, February 19, 2009

Get back to work!

I am writing this blog with 2 minutes left in my lunch.

I came back to have my projects all changed around and I am now doing new stuff that a fellow coworker was doing, but he is a brand new daddy.

So, this topic is about getting back to work. What does that mean for a tank?

It means tanking with your head on straight.

In a raid situation, there is a main tank and there are co tanks. I really don't like the term off tank, because there is nothing off about them.

Our jobs as tanks is to work at keeping the team alive and moving forward. The main tank may take the big beatings, but the co tanks keeps the strays in place that can cause wipes.

It is important that the tank team is really a team and works well together. This will help things go smoothly and people will have fun.

MOD Spotlight -
Fishbringer -
This mod tells you how many more fish to you level, what your level is and what percent rate you will catch the fish. Great mod for any fishing wow person.

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