Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Click Casting is where it is at

Work kept me from wow yesterday, but that is ok. I had already figured out various topics I wanted to blog about over the next few days. Today is going to hopefully be a good balance of wow techno geek meets practical application of game play.

So Click Casting, what is it? It has been around as part of Mods since 1.0 in WoW, and many mods have used it. To understanding Click Casting, you need to understand the interface and how everything works. So lets break it down into the basic components.

First there are unit frames. What is a unit frame? A unit frame is a box, picture, etc in the UI that you can click on to do stuff. Typical unit frames are Yourself, your target, your target's target, pets, party and raid. All of these have built in click functions, like setting raid icons, trade, duel, etc.

Enter in click casting. Click casting overrides the default behavior and allows you to assign a spell to your clicks of your mouse. Now this can be very frustrating if all you are trying to do is trade with someone and you end up casting Lay on Hands. So many click casting mods provide their own unit frames to use with specific funtions in the frames.

Some examples of this is Decursive, Pally Power, and Smart Buff / DeBuff. They provide their own unit frames where when you click them it will either buff the unit, remove a curse, etc.

Taking it even farther is Healbot. Healbot is it's own unit frame with tons of options for visual appearance. It allows you to assign a spell or macro to 5 mouse buttons, including when holding shift, alt, or control.

Now, a blog about Click Casting would not be complete without a discusion about Clique. Clique allows you from your spell book to assign any spell to any type of mouse click to any unit frame you have in your ui. Many use it with the GRID unit frame. This offers the most flexibility of all the systems. The majority of the time, click casting is used for healing. But Clique allows you to extand that ability to your enemies, allowing you to go crazy but clicking on the enemies unit frame to dish out damage.

Now, right now the blog is without links to these mods listed, I will add that later tonight as my lunch is over and I need to get back to work.

**Update** Mods linked now.

*Mod spotlight* - Capping. Capping is a pvp mod that shows timers in battlegrounds and other nice pvp things. I again will link it later tonight.

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