Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Was it something I ate?

Well I found myself loosing the medicines I took to combat the flu this morning. Seems that the bug has entered phase 2 and the family is fleeing from me.

My prayer is I will be well enough to go back to work without couging, sneezing, or any other icky stuff happening tomorrow.

Anyway, I took it easy from WOW again, but we had our 25 man raid. We did not keep any drakes up cause we were short on healers and dps, but we did get some nice loot. Then that group went and did the 25 man Arch and I got my Valorous Redemption Handguards

Mod Spotlight
Ackis Recipe List
This mod keeps track of what recipes you need to learn and where to get them. For the most part, its data is fairly accurate. Only a few did I find it was not accurate, but they may have been fixed as it was updated today.

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