Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ooooh Purdies!

So yesterday was about Gems and today we will continue. There are two more types of gems out there that can be confusing, in addition to what gem slots are all about.

On to the last two types of gems you can put in gear.
The first is prismatic gems. Prismatic gems match all color gem slots. Currently, only Jewel Crafters can socket prismatic gems in their own gear. The exception are 2 gems from WotLK and 2 gems from BC. These are the +stats and the +resist gems. So as far as counting for socket bonuses, they count as a yellow, blue, and red gem.

Meta Gems are unique special gems that can add a even better bonus than a normal gem. They do have an activation cost. In the description of the meta gem it will state what is required for it to be active. Things like 1 blue, 2 red gems or more yellow than blue, etc.
Many people get confused by this. So remember, it is the combined color of the gems that are socketed in the gear that you are wearing. If the piece of gear is in your bag, it does not count. If the socket is yellow and you put a red gem in it, it counts red.


Here is something people don't realize. You don't have to match up socket colors to put gems in them. The reason you do match colors is for socket bonus. You have to determine if the socket bonus is worth more than putting a diferent color in.

Example, say I have a yellow socket. I could put a +16 defense in that socket, but I am defense cap already. Now if I was struggling for stam, I could put a +24 stamina (which is blue) into it. Now say the socket bonus is +6 stamina. Is it worth it? So is +16 defense/+6 stamina > +24 stamina? So you need to figure out what you need and make it happen.

So that is the basics of gems. Gem so your metas work, that you get the socket bonus if it is worthwhile.

Again, Gem slots are about granting bonus. If you are a blacksmith, you can add gem slots to your gear. They just allow you to add another gem, so it does nothing to the socket bonus.

yeah, that covers Gems.

Is it nap time yet?

MODS - Gem Quota This mod adds a drop down to your character screen stats that shows how many of each color gem you have equiped and if the meta gem is active. A really good mod for helping you keep track of your gems in your gear.

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