Saturday, February 7, 2009

Raiders of the Lost Leaders......

Dun dun dun dah, dun dun dun.... (Indiana Jones theme song)

So I have been absent this week in game because of being on call for work, but tonight, I am finally available once more.

So today's post is what does it take to be a good Raid Leader?

The most important thing about being a good Raid Leader is being able to lead and respect those that you are leading. Know your groups abilities so you can use them in the fights. Know what each class and specifically what each speck is bringing to the mix. Lastly, delegate authority. You may know what each person can do, but assign tank lead, healing lead, and dps lead. They will coordinate with their respective areas.

Ok, the next important thing about Raid leading is group balance. This ties into my first point. You want a balance of healer types, ranged and melee dps. Tanks, it depends on the fight, but any of the 4 types should work.

The fights! Yes, you should know the fights. is excellent for this.

So there you have it. Know your troupes and know the fights, and get others to help you.

Ready Check Announcer - This announces the results of a Ready Check to the raid. A Nice Raid leader tool.

Guild Check - This is keep my eye on the guild mod. It lets me know each time I log in any time a guild roster change has happened.

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