Friday, February 27, 2009

Dual Specks... the debate

Wow is there a big debate going on right now in the wow community about Dual specks and what they will do to the game.

First off, the basics on Dual specks -
It will cost 1000 gold from your trainer to activate it. It can be activated at level 40. You can switch specks when not in combat, so in instances, pvp, etc. It is a 5 second cast.

The debate now is dps classes will now be excluded from raids because they can bring a hybrid. Raid leaders will force hybrids to dual speck, etc.

First off, this may happen with some guilds, but I know many guilds that people already have 2 specks and they are paying a 100g a day to change the speck based on what is requested of them. Many raids will port and summon a person back to handle these things. So, really, this dual speck system will pay for itself in 10 days compared to the old method.

Over at Eternity Matters, we will not be forcing anyone to dual speck, but we will be encouraging all tanks to dual speck. This is because the current content only has room for 2 tanks in 10 mans (1 tank in eye), and 3 tanks in the 25 man, sometimes having for 4 or 5 helps out, depending on the rest of the make up. So we are having our tanks take turns each week as to who will speck dps for the day.

Enough of the debate. How does this work?

Ok, first visit your trainer and talked to him about it. He will ask you for a 1000g and bam, you are in the dual speck world.

Ok, before you start playing with it, activate this new setting -

This preview allows you to mess around before you commit the changes.

Ok, so open up the talents window. Hit the second tab and pick the activate. I was off on my screen shots, I already activated my second tab, so I switched back to my primary tab for this shot.

Fill out all your talents

Hit the Learn button and answer the question

Bam, your dual speck is setup. Go get some glyphs and put them in (notice the glyph tab is now on this box) and you are all set. Switch back and forth as you (or your Raid Leader) see fit.

MOD Spotlight - Mik's Scrolling Battle Text
This takes scrolling combat text to the next level. Allows you to specify multiple windows and redirect all those messages to the windows. Has Spam suppression so you don't see a ton on HOTs or DOTs. Ya, check it out if you want to give your Scrolling Text a bit of bang!

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